Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love To Run

I dreaded those weeks in gym class dedicated to running laps around the track, basketball teams, and relays.I placed last or very close to it in every race.I couldn't make a goal or a hoop if my life depended on it. I always felt self concuss standing next to those beauitful, popular, thin girls.As a child I took ballet and tap, Hula dancing, tennis, and was on a swim team one summer, I was never good at any of them, and I have had more than enough embarrassing moments to scare a girl for a lifetime! I never thought I would ever be someone who loves to work out and run.I was never an athlete.

A friend of mine and I have been getting up and going to the gym 3 to 4 days a week at 4:50AM. I know it's really early! How I can get up that early?Well, I wake up to my alarm at 4:35, sometimes just an hour after getting Xander back to sleep, hoping that my friend,Jill is going to text me that she can't make it or that she is too tired to go, because I would feel too bad if I were the one canceling on her.But, luckily, She is stronger than I am.I have to have my clothes layed out or else it takes me forever to get ready. I fill up my water bottle and I'm ready to go, well I'm still debating in my mind weather or not to call her to tell her I can't make it. Luckily, guilt overpowers my tiredness... most of the time!

Every morning after I work out I get a completely different attitude! I am happy and excited for the day!I make heaither eating choices for myself and my family! Working out helps me to feel empowered as well as fit and I am amazed at all of the energy that I have now! It takes some of my daily stress away and helps me to be inspired!

I love running because I never thought I could. Running reminds me that nothing in the world is impossible as long as I work at it and I believe in myself. Sure, It may take a lot of time, effort, stress, tears,pain, sweat, and ups and downs but, with courage, Patience, and determination it is possible!We have no boundries, and all we have to do is listen to our true selves and push on! I feel like being able to work out helps me destress, feel better about myself, make healthier choices, and to be a better mother and wife.I think that all moms need an outlet! I love to sew, cook and craft but, I don't always have time for that. For me 5 in the morning is my chance for my ME time to get out and do something for me that helps me feel better, and I love that It doesn't take time away from my family. They are all usualy still asleep! If I can have my time then I am usually in a better mood and my family is happier!

Here are some workout pointers that I feel like have helped me as a busy mom to keep going!

The most important thing is to schedule your workouts at a time that works for you and your family. You have to have a balance sot that you aren't taking time away from your family. I hate having that guilt of taking time for myself.

Get a work out buddy! This is so important! You need someone who you can make goals together and keep you going! I couldn't do this without Jill! I would have gone the first week and then just made excuses. I have many! She has helped me to keep motivated and she just makes it fun!

Make realistic goals so, that you don't get discouraged!

Mix it up! We run for half an hour then do the elliptcal, then 12 minute abs one day then do the 30 minute circuit, and run 30 minutes the next day, then something else another day. It helps to keep it not boring! Today we did steps! So much fun!

Compete with yourself! You are your greatest competitor! I may run 3 miles one day, the next I try to run father, or burn try to burn more calories or lift heavier weights.Don't try to compete with that tall, skinny model over there. Just think of how much weight she will put on if she has a baby! That always makes me feel better!

It really helps to have really good up beat music!

You just have to decide to do it and have fun!!!

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