Monday, April 2, 2012

Elder Rasband - Special Needs Children and Giving Service - LDS General ...

These last few months have been really hard for me, and especially this last week. When I heard this talk yesterday during Conference, it was an unanswered prayer of comfort for me.

For Court and I our uncharted and life changing journey began when our sweet Savannah was born to us and then again with our precious Xander. Our family has been blessed with two very special spirits. They teach us special lessons each and every day. It conforts me that we are blessed with the Gospel and Heavenly fathers plan so that we can turn to him. Sometimes it can be hard and I just have to be reminded of the Eternal perspective. Sometimes our prayers are answered in unexpected ways.

John Chapter 9
That the works of God should be made manifested in him.

Every day I see this in my children. They teach us faith, patience, gratitude, charity, and unconditional love. And, just as Elder Rasband said, "We have had endless hours of intense emotions, tears of empathy, and the prayers and expressions for dear ones in need."

We have witnessed the Savior's pure love which he has given and shown our children and our family. The Lord has given us strength and many more blessings. Our family has learned that we are surrounded by countless earthly and Heavenly ministering angles. Some have been there more than willing to watch Savannah or Xander for us while we took the other to an appointment, or surgery, a caring doctor or nurse, a neighbor who brought us dinner, a loving Grandmother or sister-in-law, a sweet friend there to listen and cry with, a caring teacher, a family's prayer. We are more grateful than words can say to all of our angles. When our trials are heavier or seem endless our ministering angles help make them lighter and help us carry on with hope and joy in our hearts, as we are reminded of our Saviors love.

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  1. I was thinking of your sweet family throughout Elder Rasband and Elder Nelson's talks. I hope you know how amazing you are.