Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Xander's Vintage Train 2nd Birthday Party

Our Little Guy is 2!!!
Xander had a little train party!

All of his cousins came!
He loves to say Choo-Choo!! It's so cute!

The kids loved playing in the train!

South West Silverware
Pacific Pita Chips and Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus
Choo-Choo Cookies

Savannah's uncles are awesome! You have to be a supper uncle to get to wear the supper cape!

Savannah did a good job of helping her little brother open his presents! LOL!

See where Xander took a grab!
Happy birthday to my sweet two year old boy!!!! I love you so much!!!


  1. What a fun party! You always do such an amazing job!!

  2. Your cake looks great and that train is super cute! Happy Birthday Xander!!

  3. You're kids have the funnest mom!!!! Everything you do is amazing and I don't know where you find all the time to do it! The train party was such a cute idea!!!