Monday, April 23, 2012

Baking For Xander's 2nd Birthday

I spent pretty much all of Saturday baking! It was fun but, man my feet really hurt at the end of the day!
I always use The Love Family Sugar Cookie Recipe when I bake sugar cookies! They always turn out perfect!!

Royal Icing Recipe from Bake at 350 degrees
I am not good at decorating with royal icing!!! That's why the trains are all one color. And here comes Xander!
Savannah had so much fun painting the cookies!!

I wanted to show this picture because this is my mistake, (trial and arr.) This is what not to do!! Don't flood the cookie overboard! Also, make sure you thin the icing to flood with enough or, the first green cookie on the top left is what will happen!

Savannah did awesome!!

Whew!! All done!! I think I'm just going to stick to buttercream frosting!

Meanwhile... Xander was having fun going through mommy's purse...My cute little helper!!

The cute little monster!!!Cake Filling= Line outside with buttercream.
Sugar free vanilla pudding.

Sadly, I don't know why but my white marshmallow fondant fell apart as I rolled it, so I just tried my best to get it on the cake. I about cried! It just looks awful!!Luckily, the stripes and polka dots covered a lot of it up!!
I am so proud of my little train!!
I showed Xander his cake and he got so excited!!
Here he is trying to steal some fondant!
Here come the little hands!

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