Saturday, March 23, 2013

Princess Savannah

 Savannah just loves dressing up as a princess, because that is what she is. She loves for her hair to be long and down with a bow. She would wear this dress that my mom had gotten her for Easter every day. She loves the way it spends as she twirls.  And she loves wearing mommy's scarfs and necklaces. :) I just love it!! Most of the time if you were to see her walking in a dress she will be walking while holding up the sides of it like a princess! It is so cute!

She loves for me to read her princess books. She tell me that I am bell and she is Ariel. I just love it! And she knows that She and Ariel both have long beauitful red hair, blue eyes, and red lips! LOL

 My Aunt Shelly is an amazing seamstress and she makes the cutest things. She made this adorable dress for Savannah and her doll, "Maggie!" She loves her Maggie! I picked the name but it is the first thing that she calls by a name other than what it is like, dog, baby, cat... This was a supper big step for her. Maggie is still the only doll or stuffed animal that has been named.   Savannah just loves anything with flowers and butterflies!

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