Saturday, March 23, 2013

Xander And Mommy Routine

The last few months, I've been trying to have a routine going for Xander to make sure that he gets his mommy and me time and for me to use some of the knowledge that I have learned from Kids On The Move. :)  We start after Savannah gets on her bus and we clean up from lunch. Then...

-Play outside/ with Xander's choice of toy or game/ or a planned activity
-Clean up
-Action songs ( the wheels on the bus, itsty-bitsty spider, bumble bee, (his favorite!)
-Art/ coloring book/ letters, numbers, shapes, colors
-Healthy snack
-Read books
-Try to get him to take a nap :)

It's been really fun and Xander loves it! We have been working on his colors lately. He thinks everything is green.  We have also been doing a lot of sensory activities! He has so much fun with it! His favorite sensory tub is digging for his dinosaurs! I love to play with him! He just has the biggest personality! Plus, he thinks he's a puppy or a dinosaur most of the time. :) He is too funny!

 We tried shaving cream and he really didn't like that one. :( So, we washed it out and put some water in it!  For this one we were working on the color blue, so I put a ton of blue toys and brushes in it! I love these sensory buckets! they are so easy and it keeps your little ones busy for a while! I really want to try making colored rice next time! Another reason why I do this is that it distracts him from wanting and whining for food. That is something that Ive really been trying to work on, well forever! Xander especially is always hungry. He wakes up hungry, food is always on his mind, and he goes to bed hungry. I've been trying to keep them busy and distracted from thinking about food. It is so hard with him because he is always climbing up to the cabinets to sneak food.

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