Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Savannah was Bell from Beauty and The Beast. It is her favorite princess movie right now! If she'd have the choice she'd never take off her Bell dress. She was so cute in it! Before we left to go to grandma Loves Savannah had to wear her princess shoes that Grandma Jensen had given her, but of coarse they didn't fit with socks on. In the end one of them broke while I was trying to put it on her foot and it all ended in a screaming tantrum. I told her that these pink shoes are princess shoes and she decided to let me put them on while she sobbed. After we went to grandma Loves we went to thw ward trunk or treat. We had dinner, played some games, and then Court and Xander handed out candy while Savannah and I trunk or treated in the church halls because it was poring rain outside. Savannah of coarse only wanted the yellow candy, but she let it go now and then if she was given another color. She is getting so well at saying thank you! I had put a lace ribbon in Savannah's hair before we went to the church and on the way home Savannah was screaming bloody murder. She was pulling on the lace trying to get it out of her hair. We had to stop so Court could try to get it out before she pulled her hair out. He couldn't get it out so we went home. Court go the ribbon out of her hair but, one little thing after another set her off. We put her to bed early. It was a really fun night but, I think Savannah had had it, and when she's done we're all done.
Xander was a cute, snugly little teddy bear!

I had curled Savannah's hair in the back but, you'd never know. It just had to be poring rain.
Xander took a little nap on the way over to Grandma Loves.


  1. Nicole, you look beautiful in the picture of you holding Xander. Just thought I'd let you know.

  2. Big get togethers and holidays can be way overstimulating for the kids. My kids always end up exhausted too.

    They both looked so cute!