Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend catch up!

Savannah is awesome at cooking!
We've been doing lots of barbecuing!
We made homemade icecream!
Savannah thinks she is either a pirate or a princess or a pirate princess every day! I love how to look out her telescope (vacuum part), she has to pull down her glasses!
He's sitting in a chair!
Savannah helped Grandma Love pick green beans out of the garden. Then she started digging in her mud puddle!

I've made an "S" bag for Savannah (Savannah's Sunday Scenery bag)! It is full of scencery games and busy things for Savannah to do like, play dough, stickers, matching, and counting things, stuff like that! I'm so excited to try it out on next Sunday!
My friend had a garage sale on Saturday. I made this clip holder out of some picture frames and had Court staple gun wire to it.

I have lots of flowers so, if you want any just let me know! They are $3 per flower!
We've been making endless water balloons! Savannah can't get enough of them!

Recipes and territorials to come!!!

1 comment:

  1. That picture is so cute of Savannah looking through the vacuum part to be a pirate! I wish I had a girl to buy one of your cute clips :/ Maybe one day!

    Lindsey Francom