Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Love Being a Mother

Having children changed my life forever. I love each of my children unconditionally. I'm not the perfect mother, however, far from it really. But, I wouldn't trade my life for the world, because even if I'm not perfect, my life is pretty darn perfect just the way it is! With my loving husband by my side and my two wonderful kids I feel pretty blessed!

Yes, my life as a mother of special needs children isn't always easy, in fact it's pretty hard. So, yes, I am like a crazy person, juggling a whole lot of therapies and doctors appointments for my children. But, I am so lucky to have all of these amazing doctors, teachers, and therapist who have become my friends, who really care about me and my family. My children teach me so much and are great examples each and every day and I get to be a part of their beauitful little worlds! That is pretty amazing to me! I have met so many inspiring and good people, who I never would have met!

I love being a mom!! I love all of the little things! Like, sitting on the kitchen floor hitting buckets with kitchen spoons with my kids and singing songs, again and again! I love playing hide the treasure chest with Savannah as she hides it in plain sight but, is so excited when we find it, even for the 8th time. I love making stars and flower shaped peanut butter sandwiches and fruit and watching their faces light up full of glee! I love driving down the read singing along with the radio and Savannah at the top of out lungs This Kiss, by Faith Hill! Even though Xander is a cute little monster, I actually, love taking pictures of all of the naughty things he does! I love cleaning the kitchen while Savannah and Xander have their little mini cleaning kit out, Xander trying to sweep and Savannah emptying the silverware into the drawer in her own little organized way! And, I love it when they make each other laugh! It is the most sweetest thing. I love how when Court comes home Savannah has to have him chase her and Xander around the kitchen island, and they just laugh and laugh! And, I love it when Savannah gives Xander, "Many Kisses" and hugs good night! It just makes my heart melt! I love being Savannah and Xander's mom!

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  1. I love this post Nicole! So sweet and tender! You are a great mom, one of the best I know!