Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter, 2012

Easter sugar cookies!

Easter Crafts!! We had fun with these all last week!! And, Savannah wore her bunny ears that she had made at school every chance she got! It was so cute!

This is what the Easter Bunny brought Savannah and Xander on Easter morning! Savannah and Xander just love being outside and they really love watering flowers and playing in the dirt!!
Love Savannah's morning hair! Does anyone know where there are a lot of butterflies to catch?

Savannah was so excited! This was the first Easter that Savannah has sort of understand about the Easter Bunny!
Xander just wanted his mommy to hold him.
I only set him down for a few seconds!

The sun was in our eyes so we didn't get a very good family picture.
Savannah couldn't wait to water the flowers!

The next day, we planted Savannah and Xander's flowers! I love his hat!

Savannah had so much fun!Then she watered the sidewalk chalk!She did a great job, didn't she!!
Happy Easter!!!

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